According to AWBH Pets Can Get Sick Due to Season Change

As the winter progresses, the heartbeat of the animals is not only in humans. In the same way as in humans, cases of heart attack of Dog are increased in extreme heat and cold.

If the symptoms come in the heart attack symptoms, then the helpless animals embrace death. Sharma, who lives in Cool Road, has received a heart attack for the Pug Dog Oscar recently, but his life survived due to precautionary measures.

Many such cases have been found in the city, when Dogi’s heart has failed. Vet doctor Dr GS Bedi says that when your Dogi runs a little bit of breath, then it becomes a heart problem.

Due to diabetes and tension in dogs, cases of heart attack have increased. When attack comes, people do not understand seeing it. The dog becomes dull first and then suddenly dies.

Doctor Bedi explains that he had only four such cases in 15 days. Dr. Bedi says that the cold and hot season is full of challenges for dogs. They say people have no information about dog’s heart disease.

People do not treat dogs at the right time, due to which they die. Dogs have seen cases of death from heart attack in the middle and the middle ages. People do not know that their dog has become a victim of heart disease.