Amazon Investors Require Stopping Selling Facial Recognition Technology To The Government


Amazon investors require stopping selling facial recognition technology to the government. This comes in the wake of company ceasing sales of its facial identification software to government agencies over dismay that the technology can be utilized for contravening people’s rights.

In a resolve tabulated a group of shareholders enquired Amazon’s board to halt selling its tool, Rekognition to governments until a third party assessment confirms it cannot generate or accord to authentic or probable contraventions of civil and human rights.

The group was arranged by Open MIC, a nonprofit that inspires involvement by investors in tech and media organizations. The investors advocating the resolution which involve the religious order Sisters of St. Joseph of Brentwood wish Amazon’s board will place it to a vote at the online retailer’s yearly shareholder convention in the spring.

Shareholder decisions are hardly accepted and they are not unalterable. That signifies that even if the facial-recognition is approved, the company does not have to uphold by it. The group of shareholders did not mention the account of Amazon’s stock.

Rekognition utilizes profound learning, artificial intelligence proficiency for discovering patterns in data, to pinpoint objects, faces and scenes in videos and images. To cite an example, it could be utilized to examine the faces of people invading a courthouse in actual time to observe if they belong to criminal database. Released in 2016, it has been utilized by customers involving police departments in Florida and Oregon.

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