Eleven Affected by Scabies Outbreak in Barcelona School

A total of 11 students, teachers and a relative of the school of Sant Llorenç Savall (Barcelona) are affected by an outbreak of scabies diagnosed two days after another that affected a score of elderly and another twenty workers of the public geriatric residence from the same municipality.

According to relatives of affected schoolchildren told Efe and confirmed by the Department of Health, on the 15th the Epidemiological Surveillance Network of Catalonia (XTEC) received notification of this outbreak in the public school of the town.

According to Health, the Epidemiological Surveillance Service of the Vallès Occidental has made the appropriate recommendations both to families and to the school to treat the disease, prevent the risks of infection and has taken prophylactic measures with all the people who have been in contact with them. affected.

The Department of Education has also confirmed the outbreak and explained that they have done a “thorough cleaning” of all school material and school facilities to avoid new infections.

Although the origin of the outbreak is unknown, the infectious episode occurred a few days after a score of workers and another twenty inmates of the public nursing home in the same town were also affected by an outbreak of scabies.

In this case, those affected have already received all the treatment to stop the disease, which has kept the affected workers isolated and the inmates isolated. Last Friday, a specialized company thoroughly cleaned all the rooms and common areas of the public geriatric residence.

The City Council of Sant Lorenç Savall has also been informed of the outbreak of scabies and, in a statement sent to those affected and their families, to which Efe has had access, has raised to 15 cases due to the outbreak in the school, 13 students and two teachers The consistory has informed the parents that “deep cleaning has been done in the school and in the nursery and the protocol marked by Teaching has been applied.

The City Council has indicated to the parents that the Generalitat is responsible for both the residence of the elderly and the school affected by the outbreak and that they are following all their instructions regarding “increasing cleanliness, going to the doctor at the first symptom and doing the preventive treatment if someone in the family has had scabies. “

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