France Bans Crop Pesticide Metam Sodium After Dozens Fall ill

The French government has announced on Friday that it bans, at least temporarily, the phyto-pharmaceutical products with metam-sodium after several dozen people have been poisoned in recent months by the use of such a pesticide in the west. from the country.

In a joint statement, the Ministries of Ecological Transition, Health, Agriculture and Economy and Finance have indicated that the suspension will last three months, pending the conclusions of the evaluation work that the health safety agency (Anses) initiated last July.

The decision comes after there were four cases of respiratory poisoning in recent weeks between staff and neighbors of farms where metam-sodium had been used.

Three occurred in the department of Maine-et-Loire and one in the Finistère department. In Maine-et-Loire the ban has been in effect for two weeks after dozens of people complained of discomfort immediately after the use of this pesticide in fields grown with canons.

According to the French Government “, the rules of use of the products” were not correctly respected in the intoxications recorded.

In addition, he believes that “the climatic conditions have been able to contribute equally in the incidents”. The Executive recalled that metam-sodium is one of the active substances that is identified as “the most worrisome to health and the environment” in its plan to reduce the use of pesticides.